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A look at the evolution of pool heater technology

Energy efficiency; consumers demand it and product development teams strive for it. These days, it is also the focus of advertising and packaging designs for nearly all home and industrial equipment. From light bulbs to dishwashers to automobiles, the amount of energy consumed is a major factor in the research and development (R&D) of new products, not to mention their ultimate purchase by the end-user.

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Industry sees greater interest in renewable energy systems

The demand for more energy-efficient pools and spas has pushed industry professionals to examine alternative heating technologies. Over the past several years, heater manufacturers have taken new strides to improve efficiency. This is in part due to a shift in government guidelines, whereby building codes are now demanding a rise in ratings to improve the overall energy efficiency of all pool equipment.

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Heater upgrade benefits

Today, there are cleaner burning (low NOx) heaters that have minimal emissions, which allow them to be used where NOx emission restrictions are enforced. Further, commercial pool heaters face changing conditions as many installers have not been trained in commercial application techniques.

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