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One backyard can yield profits over many seasons

Many pool builders think of a project as a one-shot deal—build the pool and move on. Others may build the pool and generate profits from maintenance work, while some builders focus on understanding their client’s lifestyle and find ways to continue generating considerable profits by taking on renovation and remodelling work year after year. Using some specific project examples, this article shows how two savvy builders have capitalized on updating both gunite and vinyl-lined swimming pools with creative ideas that suit each client’s way of life.

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Tips and tricks for measuring and installing custom vinyl liners

The increasing number of awards handed out for innovative and unique vinyl-lined pool designs has made it apparent that builders can do almost anything when constructing these pools. Builders and renovators are no longer limited to plastic drop in steps or standardized square step sections. Today, homeowners are looking to include various specialty features on their pools—from sun decks/ledges to customized steps that stretch the entire width of the pool. Water features such as grottos with sitting areas and fountains are also becoming standard fare in current vinyl-liner pool designs.

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