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A look at the latest commercial pool accessories, equipment, and design features

Technology continues to advance in the commercial and residential pool markets, as there are always new products, technologies, and design methods being introduced. This article will look at what is trending for 2017. Some of the design options and products that are discussed are not necessarily new to the industry, but thanks to new technologies and innovations, they continue to make an impression on clients who realize they need to have them in their aquatic facilities.

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Revitalizing interest in public pools with inflatable play structures

In some areas, commercial pools can become stale as patrons lose interest in the entertainment value the facility offers. As a result, these aquatic facilities struggle to remain attractive for all target groups. One safe and budget-friendly way attendance figures can be revitalized is with the installation of an inflatable obstacle course, which can be customized to fit any aquatic facility.

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How to make money when accessorizing pools this summer

There is always money to be made anytime a pool contractor enters a backyard—whether opening/closing a pool, starting a new project, or taking on a renovation. One of the best ways to do this is to offer products that do not shutdown the pool for a prolonged period, but rather can be easily added in a few hours or even one day.

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