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Automatic Pool Covers celebrates 40 years

Automatic Pool Covers Inc., recently celebrated its 40th business anniversary.

To commemorate the occasion, the company held a party in late February to thank its employees and clients for helping the company achieve this milestone.

“We wouldn’t be here today without our amazing employees and customers, to whom we are all very grateful,” said the company’s CEO Michael Shebek.

Automatic Pool Covers Inc., opened its doors in 1979 as a small pool cover distributor.  At … Continue reading Automatic Pool Covers celebrates 40 years

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Pool cleaners to increase revenue

By Colleen Newhouse

For retailers, the pool cleaner can basically sell itself using a video display or interactive display—the ideal product for busy summer store hours. Before finalizing sales plans for the 2019 season, retailers should be sure pool cleaners are incorporated into their retail and service plans.

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The wonderful capabilities of chlorine

By Terry Arko

Chlorine became popular for pool use in the 1920s. A form of calcium hypochlorite containing 70 per cent available chlorine, and known as high-test hypochlorite (HTH), became available in 1923.  This form of chlorine became very popular as a bleaching agent, as well as a sanitizer for pool water, and production increased rapidly.

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