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Automatic covers for swim spas

Over the past decade, the popularity of swim spas has increased immensely. Once seen as a novelty item reserved for the wealthy, this product has become a legitimate option for homeowners who are contemplating a pool and/or hot tub for their home. For those who desire a pool for exercise, but also covet a hot tub for its relaxation and hydrotherapy benefits, a swim spa is the perfect compromise. And with multiple manufacturers and options available, homeowners can select from many types and designs to fit their budget and needs.

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Explaining the value and benefits of covered pools to homeowners

Over the last decade, watershape designers and builders have been pushing the limits of what can be created with water. Even in cold climates, builders are incorporating features what were thought only to be possible in regions with warmer weather, where the limitations are fewer. Building pools in cold regions requires excessive engineering and solid construction techniques to be able to withstand the yearly onslaught of snow, ice, and frost. As the temperature drops, it is an inevitable fact that most pools, spas/hot tubs, and water features go through some sort of winterization or seasonal shutdown.

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