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Top products declared in 2020 Readers’ Choice Awards

The winners of Pool & Spa Marketing’s inaugural Readers’ Choice Product Awards have been revealed.

This year’s competition, voted on by industry professionals, included more than 70 products, ranging from business software tools and light-emitting diode (LED) pool lights to climbing walls for pools, hot tub cover lifters, spa vacuums, variable-speed pumps (VSPs), and vinyl liners.

Polls were open between August 31 and September 25 with winners selected in multiple categories: Business & Leisure, Outdoor Living Areas, Commercial Pool, Maintenance and Cleaning, Spa Types & Accessories, Accessories, Equipment & Parts, Pool Construction Products, Pool/Spa Types, and Specialty Features.

The 2020 Readers’ Choice Product winners include:

  • Equipment & Parts

Hayward Canada for its VS Omni Variable-Speed Pumps with Smart Control

  • Maintenance & Cleaning

Kokido Development Ltd., for its Rechargeable Spa Vacuum

Union Laboratories Inc., for its Vinyl Pool Repair Kit

  • Accessories

Mist Cooling Inc., for its Pool Safety Cover Hardware

  • Outdoor Living Areas

Northeastern, a Division of SCP for its Ikonik Privacy Screens

  • Pool/Spa Types

Northeastern, a Division of SCP for its New Above-ground Pools, Exclusive to NSPD

  • Pool Construction Products

PoolWerx Inc., for its Inground Pool Liners

  • Business

RB Retail & Service Solutions for its RB Pool & Spa Software

  • Spa Types & Accessories

SMP Specialty Metal/Ultralift for its Undermount Hot Tub Cover Lifter

  • Commercial Pool

Spectrum Aquatics for its Pool Climbing Walls

  • Specialty Features

Spa Electrics for its Atom LED Pool Lights & Retro Fit Pool Lighting

Each recipient will receive a trophy recognizing their product as a winner in the 2020 Readers’ Choice Awards.

Check out Pool & Spa Marketing’s December issue for full product details.

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