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Specialty pool care programs can increase profits by providing service techs more time to investigate

Shrewd service professionals are increasing their revenue streams by taking time to look around the backyard for additional sales opportunities. Rather than waiting for things to breakdown, these pros are looking for ways to upgrade the homeowner’s pool experience, while at the same time increasing profits by selling cleaning accessories, replacing/upgrading old equipment, and offering advanced maintenance programs.

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One backyard can yield profits over many seasons

Many pool builders think of a project as a one-shot deal—build the pool and move on. Others may build the pool and generate profits from maintenance work, while some builders focus on understanding their client’s lifestyle and find ways to continue generating considerable profits by taking on renovation and remodelling work year after year. Using some specific project examples, this article shows how two savvy builders have capitalized on updating both gunite and vinyl-lined swimming pools with creative ideas that suit each client’s way of life.

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