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Yas Waterworld earns Guinness World Record

Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi was recently awarded the Guinness World Records title for ‘Most Nationalities in a Swimming Pool’.

More than 102 nationalities came together in the Amjav wave pool to earn the title.

The event was held in the presence of a Guinness World Records representative, Farah Experiences and senior management.

“It fills me with an immense amount of pride to celebrate this milestone record in honour of the Year of Tolerance,” said the … Continue reading Yas Waterworld earns Guinness World Record

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Waterpark revitalization: How to save time and money on maintenance and renovations

As the season ends for most North American waterparks, it is important to make sure service crews shutdown the park and ‘winterize’ it with the same care that is taken when readying the facility for guests in the spring. The time spent protecting slides and decks from the elements is money in the bank for a facility operator, as it extends the life of the equipment—not to mention it makes opening the park the following year much easier.

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