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Automatic covers for swim spas

Manual cover systems

(Above and below): Some manufacturers offer manual roll-up covers designed for rectangular portable swim spas that are available as a one-size-fits-all, and are easy to install off the shelf.

What are the options if an automatic cover is too costly or difficult to install? For homeowners who want to cover their swim spa, especially the portable units mentioned above, but do not want to build housings and pay for an automatic system, a manual cover is an alternative.

Some manufacturers offer manual roll-up covers specifically designed for rectangular portable swim spas that are available as a one-size-fits-all, and are easy to install off the shelf. These covers use a universal mounting system to accommodate tight- and wide-radius corners and have a low-profile wheel system to protect the swim spa’s acrylic top. They use a track and vinyl fabric similar to an automatic safety cover, but are operated manually. To open the cover, the user simply cranks a handle to roll it up. To close, the user pulls the cover to the opposite end of the swim spa using a rope. They are available for units measuring 2.3 to 2.6 m (7.5 to 8.5 ft) wide and 2.4 to 5.2 m (8 to 17 ft) long.

top-view-cover-on-swim-spa-photo01-hrFor models that require a custom fit, or those homeowners who would like to select different colours, custom-designed manual systems are also available. These are operated the same way as described above, but are custom made for the homeowner’s specific application.

Choosing the right cover

Choosing the right cover can enhance the experience of owning a swim spa and help protect the homeowner’s investment. Some may be tempted to skimp on this type of purchase and instead get a tie-down or ridged model, but these do not offer the same convenience as an automatic or manually operated safety cover. Tie-down covers take extra time to remove and replace, while some heavy ridged models, in some cases, may require two people to remove to avoid damaging it. By installing an automatic or manual roll-up safety cover, homeowners can spend more
time enjoying their new swim spa and less time maintaining it.

Miner_HeadshotSean Miner, MBA, is the product director of automatic safety covers for Latham Pool Products. He is responsible for ensuring Latham produces the strongest and most innovative safety covers possible. Miner has experience in developing and marketing industry leading products in multiple industries. He can be reached via e-mail at


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  1. I am very interested in new covers for my existing 19′ Swimspa. Automated is nice but I wouldn’t mind manual covers either. What are my options and how soon could I get them delivered?

  2. Hi, We are currently in the process of adding a 21’ swim spa to our back yard. Our only drawback is the bulk of a traditional cover. Is there a 21’ automatic cover available. Thank you for your time and educational article!

    1. we just learned the Covana Legend won’t work on the 21′ swim spa we just purchased. May I ask what you decided on and how you like it?

  3. Looking to replace spa cover/ lifters for master spa H2x Trainers 15 foot. Old cover need replaced wanting easier lift/cover system. Need to purchase soon

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