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Enhancing backyard living with outdoor kitchens and hot tubs

In recent years, outdoor living spaces have become one of the most popular home renovations/upgrades, and their popularity only continues to grow. Transforming a backyard into a home resort by incorporating features such as outdoor kitchens and hot tubs have become a huge trend. Adding these components provides homeowners with another option to indoor meal preparation and is a great way to enjoy the outdoor landscape while socializing with family and friends.

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Using water, fire, and lighting to enhance residential projects

Fire is mesmerizing; for some it brings them inner peace and tranquility. Water has a similar effect—especially the sound of moving water—as it creates a serene, relaxing environment. Therefore, builders who have the ability to combine these features on a pool project will be able to heighten the client’s attraction to their new outdoor oasis and, as a result, get more enjoyment out of their backyard.

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How to make money when accessorizing pools this summer

There is always money to be made anytime a pool contractor enters a backyard—whether opening/closing a pool, starting a new project, or taking on a renovation. One of the best ways to do this is to offer products that do not shutdown the pool for a prolonged period, but rather can be easily added in a few hours or even one day.

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