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Variable-speed pump economics

When a service professional tells a swimming pool owner they can cut energy costs by installing a variable speed pump (VSP) they become interested. However, when they tell them the pump will operate two-to-three times longer than an average pump, they are…

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Variable speed pumps

By Scott K. Petty

With the advent of various legislation aimed at improving the energy-efficiency of appliances and similar products, energy-efficient pumps have become a popular topic within the pool and spa industry. Every pool and spa circulation system requires at least one pump; many have multiple units. As a result, pumps represent the largest aggregate consumption of energy on the equipment pad. Some studies have estimated pool pumps to be the second-largest energy consumer … Continue reading Variable speed pumps

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Heat pumps

If you were the last on your block to switch from VHS to DVD, just recently traded in your beeper for a cellphone or were taken by surprise by the evolution of ‘digital TV,’ don’t worry: your secret is…

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Swim jet systems

Today, pools are more than a wonderful conversation piece; for many, they represent the fulfillment of a backyard dream. However, as the population ages, more pool owners are looking to…

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Pool and spa hydraulics

The pool and spa industry has been mired in entrapment codes, misinformation, media hype and politics for years. Everyone understands suction entrapments can be lethal, even horrific, but the industry needs to…

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