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Save energy and extend equipment life with variable-frequency drives

Over the past few years, pool professionals have learned that going ‘green’ can significantly lower a pool’s operating costs. Pumps and filters are among the items most scrutinized due to the vast amount of energy they consume. To reduce costs associated with water circulation and filtration it is important to understand why pumps and filters consume large amounts of energy and what options are available to lower consumption—factors that also extend a pump’s motor life.

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Online cost calculators: The first step to reducing pool operating costs

Every year, aquatic facility managers review their operating costs and usually find their electricity bill to be one particular expense that never seems to get cheaper. For an aquatic facility, there is so much equipment that uses electricity that the simply ideology of ‘turning off the lights’ does not help to lower these costs. Everyone realizes an aquatic facility’s mechanical room consumes a lot of electricity; therefore, it is the logical place to start when looking for ways to reduce operating expenses.

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