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Minimizing injury risks at public swimming pools

As swimming continues to grow as a preferred method of exercise and physical therapy for the young and elderly alike, commercial aquatic facilities continue to experience an increase in patronage year after year. This can be witnessed by the escalating number of people who use pools for water aerobics, muscle strengthening, and water walking/yoga; not to mention traditional swim lessons, and competitive swimming and diving.

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Frameless glass fencing adds safety and esthetics to the backyard

The use of frameless glass fencing is a growing trend in residential pool, spa/hot tub, and landscape design, as it is a sleek, elegant, and affordable way to increase safety in the backyard. In terms of safety, fencing is one of a number of security measures that can be installed around the pool perimeter to prevent unwanted access. In fact, several provinces, states, and municipalities across North America have, or are, introducing…

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A guide to non-slip coatings

Rubber has been used as an anti-slip surface in and around wet areas for much of the past century. It is proven to be a great performer in providing excellent grip and preventing falls, which can turn nasty very quickly on hard, wet surfaces such as pool decks. The problem, however…

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