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Technology offers endless design possibilities for packaged pool kits

For much of their history, steel swimming pool kits were manufactured like cookie cutters. Manufacturers would typically offer a few different shapes—square, rectangle, oval, or octagonal—in a couple of different sizes, with a handful of choices for steps. The homeowner simply picked one from a book and that was that. Without the advantage of today’s technology, each steel panel had to be cut and bent by hand as manufacturers simply did not have the staff to complete all of the labour-intensive customization.

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Creating customer loyalty programs that work

Retailers are always looking for ways to retain and gain customer loyalty whereby stopping their clientele from looking elsewhere for their swimming pool and spa/hot tub needs. One way of doing this is to establish a customer loyalty program that helps retailers develop long-lasting relationships with their customers, which is a key part of any business plan.

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Storing vendor information in one database can be a powerful tool for pool/spa retailers

Most specialty retailers use some type of business management software. Whether it is a pool and spa, backyard living, or hearth and home business, almost all have a point-of-sale (POS) and/or accounting program. Unfortunately, not all companies have taken the time to find a software program, which integrates all aspects of the business into one place. Owners/operators who have employed this type of software have discovered they can spend less time working ‘in’ the business and more time developing the business by expanding their product and service offerings.

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