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Summer heat drives pool industry’s exceptional year

After a number of ebb and flow seasons, the Canadian pool industry had a breakthrough year in 2016. In fact, the total number of swimming pool building permits registered last year was the third most in the last five decades. In terms of historical data, one would need to look to 1988, an anomaly maybe, but 19,695 pools were installed. Prior to this, the bar was set in 1979 when 13,200 permits were registered.

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Pool market will test the strength of the ‘staycation’ philosophy in 2016

Despite being knocked down, the pool industry always finds a way to get back up again. During years such as 2014, when pool permit registrations dropped after a series of growth between 2011-13, the diversity of services offered by many pool companies (e.g. maintenance, renovations, repair, etc.), along with their ability to reduce operating costs by adopting new systematic approaches to business management, project design, and construction are what keeps them profitable. It is also what keeps them optimistic for the coming season, as with changing climates—weather and economics—choosing the right forecasting technique can be tricky.

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