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Helping new hot tub and swim spa owners keep water quality in check

Many retailers and/or service technicians in the hot tub and swim spa industry have likely faced an assortment of phone calls from customers with questions regarding water maintenance after the unit has been delivered and installed. These queries can range from: “Why is the water foaming?” to “Why is the water green?” and “What is that smell?” or “Why is the water so cloudy?” Should these inquiries start to occur, it is important each consumer ‘crisis’ is handled carefully to ensure their problems are resolved.

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Cash management: Retail tips that can bolster profitability

When it comes to the success of a pool and spa business, proper cash management is critical. Many businesses fall into the trap of equating cash flow with overall revenue. In reality, cash flow is a product of multiple areas of a business; therefore, investing time in these areas can increase profitability. For pool and spa companies, four key areas can effect overall cash management.

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Increasing showroom sales by creating the ultimate customer experience

Pool and hot tub retailers are unique; just like people, every business has its own style and personality. However, when most business owners compare their stores to their competition they always tend to forget about all of the unique qualities they have to offer. This uniqueness, or impressions, is the driving force behind consumers returning to the same store time and again. That said, this article will discuss what retailers can do to leave more lasting impressions and control their customers in-store experience.

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