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Swim spa sales increase as retailers focus on water therapy and fitness

For some builders who have traditionally found the installation of swimming pools to be challenging in some backyards—whether due to space or the homeowner’s budget—swim spas have opened the door to just about anyone looking for a large conventional pool. Swim spas, in a sense, are mini-versions of swimming pools, which can be installed just about anywhere, and accommodate swimming in place against a swift current. Where retailers truly benefit is the fact they can also promote the advantage of relaxation—especially after a swim or workout—in one of the jetted hydrotherapy seats these spas also offer.

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Understanding how water, in all forms, promotes healing

Water has been used in medicinal and/or therapeutic treatments for centuries. Sebastian Kneipp, a 19th century Bavarian monk, is sometimes said to be the father of many hydrotherapy methods. While he wrote several books, one of the most popular is My Water Cure. He believed that disease could be cured by using water to eliminate waste from the body.

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Health benefits you should be sharing with your customers

People have enjoyed warm-water immersion long before written history. In fact, many of the earliest habitation areas were established around natural hot springs, which allowed residents to take advantage of the benefits they had to offer. However, despite these facts, it is surprising that still today many people make little use of the warm-water environment for health advancement and preservation.

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