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Hot tub or swim spa, what is the difference?

Retailers that have had customers ask to test a swim spa but cannot oblige because they do not carry them could be missing an emerging wave of new buyers. Although swim spas are not new to the hot tub industry, an increasing number of manufacturers now have a swim spa line. The reason for this is because these units serve the niche fitness market—one for which most consumers did not know they were looking for until seeing them in action.

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Cash management: Retail tips that can bolster profitability

When it comes to the success of a pool and spa business, proper cash management is critical. Many businesses fall into the trap of equating cash flow with overall revenue. In reality, cash flow is a product of multiple areas of a business; therefore, investing time in these areas can increase profitability. For pool and spa companies, four key areas can effect overall cash management.

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