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What to consider when selecting business management software

Specialty retailers in the pool and spa industry have an immediate advantage over big box stores simply because they can personalize their service. Where big box stores sometimes gain the advantage is through their implementation of vast computer systems and the development of impressive distribution channels. Today, pool and spa specialty retailers can gain competitive advantage by choosing the right business software to integrate internal operations. This type of management can help retailers increase their level of customer service, minimize operating costs, increase profits, and reduce competition from mass merchandisers.

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Unique ways to sell hot tubs and create customer loyalty

The retailing rule of thumb was always ‘location, location, location.’ While this still holds true, today’s more successful hot tub retailers are using more innovative techniques to remain competitive with big box stores and Internet vendors. From mood rooms and wet tests to ‘slushies and soirees’ with live music, hot tub retailers are getting ahead with outstanding service, education, and personal interaction.

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Creating customer loyalty programs that work

Retailers are always looking for ways to retain and gain customer loyalty whereby stopping their clientele from looking elsewhere for their swimming pool and spa/hot tub needs. One way of doing this is to establish a customer loyalty program that helps retailers develop long-lasting relationships with their customers, which is a key part of any business plan.

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