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Selling safety covers: Getting past the stigma of clients saying no

What about freeform pools?

Reccessed topguide System
Automatic covers can be installed on freeform pools using a recessed top track system.

Solid and mesh safety covers can be custom made to fit any freeform pool. Using sophisticated software and construction techniques, a solid and mesh cover will form to the pool’s shape and eliminate extra material on top of the deck. These covers are then installed using the same method for rectangular pools.

Automatic covers can be installed on freeform pools using a recessed top track system. These are similar to under track systems in that the drive mechanism is mounted in a cover box below grade. However, it is the placement of the cover track that sets the two systems apart. While the cover track for an under track system is mounted beneath the coping, a top track application is located outside the shape of the pool.

There are a couple of different track options that can be used for these applications. First, standard top track can be secured to the top of the finished pool deck. This is a low-profile track that is approximately 102 mm (0.5 in.) thick and features rounded edges to provide a smooth look and feel. The standard top track is fastened to the pool deck using screws and anchors.

The second option is to use a recessed track. These tracks are positioned along both sides of the pool before the deck is poured. Recessed track is staked in place so it will be flush with the top of the finished pool deck. It is also important that it is secure so it cannot move while the pool deck is being finished around the track.

Top track is a great option that can be used when installing automatic covers on freeform pools; however, during installation, it is important to note the cover system will operate under more stress when it is being pulled across the concrete deck. It takes little effort to move a cover across the water, as in the case of an under track cover system, but when the cover is being pulled across the pool deck, it will have much more resistance. To minimize this, it is recommended the amount of pool deck the cover will be pulled over be less than 10 per cent of the size of the cover. To accomplish this, the cover tracks should be located within 76 to 102 mm (3 to 4 in.) from the water’s edge when possible.

What options are available for existing pools?

Vanishing Edge
Safety covers are available in multiple colour options, allowing them to complement and blend in with the surrounding landscape.

Automatic safety covers, as well as solid and mesh covers can be installed on existing pools.

A deck mount system provides a great way to add an automatic cover to an existing pool. For this application, the drive mechanism and the standard top track are mounted on the pool deck. This is the same standard track that can be used with top track systems.

With the drive mechanism mounted on the pool deck, a bench can be built to cover the system, as well as provide protection. The bench can also provide a seating area for those enjoying the pool.

When installing an automatic cover system on an existing pool very little renovation work is necessary. To install a deck-mount system, electrical wiring will need to be installed and connected to the drive mechanism to provide power to the control switch, which will be mounted on the side of the bench.

There is really no difference when installing a solid and mesh safety cover on an existing or new pool. Since these covers are custom made and anchor into the surrounding deck, any existing pool can be retrofitted with a solid and mesh cover just as easily as a new pool.

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One comment on “Selling safety covers: Getting past the stigma of clients saying no”

  1. I have installed electric automatic pool & spa covers for 35 years in most every way you can imagine. Yes, it does take some training to get to the point where you can install one yourself and there are several brands of covers in the marketplace. I have used them all at one time or another over the years.

    For the last 18 years we have used Coverstar automatic covers. They have performed for our customers and that is what sets them apart from other brands. Happy customers, happy life! We make more profit on our cover sales than any other add-on item we sell with a new pool or pool remodel projects. We sell an automatic cover on 98 per cent of the pools we build and/or remodel. They are the single most energy efficient product you can install on a pool today anywhere in the country, indoors or outdoors.

    I have found energy efficiency is the real motivating factor with safety being a close second for the reason our clients invest an automatic cover for their pool or spa.

    I enjoy your news letter, keep up the good work.

    Best regards,

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